💡Example Use Cases

The Nova protocol is very versatile and this will only increase as new assets, strategies, integrations and yield opportunities are added over time. This means there are near infinite possible portfolio allocations, algorithm deployments and yield opportunities that can suit a wide range of users and intentions. Here are some examples as inspiration for your portfolio creation:

  • Preparing for a bull market Portfolio composition: 100% USD Strategy: DCA for SOL Yield: USDH/USDC Pool Benefits: gradually buy Solana while generating returns on your stablecoins as you wait

  • Long term holding Portfolio composition: 50% SOL, 50% BTC Strategy: SMA Trader to USDC Yield: WBTC/RenBTC Pool, mSOL/SOL Pool, USDH/USDC Pool (for USD acquired via automation) Benefits: capture long term moves on assets and sell in downward trends. While the automation is idle, generate additional returns through yield.

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