Nova Finance


Within Nova, the following protocols are used to facilitate on-chain activity within Nova's protocol:
  • ​Orca Nova will be using Orca as it’s primary source of on-chain liquidity for the Beta launch.
    Orca is a decentralized AMM protocol that facilitates trades on Solana.
    Nova utilizes Orca to execute conversions required to create a portfolio's correct allocation or to execute on rebalancing activities as defined by Nova's Strategies
    When using Orca through Nova, standard fees apply.
  • ​Saber Saber is a stable-swap AMM platform which provides liquidity across assets that maintain similar pegs or acts as representatives of a base asset. One of the most common use cases is for allowing easy conversion between stablecoin pairs but there are many other types of assets available within Saber. Nova utilizes Saber to produce yield generation on assets deposited into Nova that are supported within Saber. Nova captures a range of fees and incentive tokens, often issued as SBR governance token.