Nova Finance

Fee & Rewards Model

Nova takes no transaction fees for your deposits, conversions or withdrawals.
When you interact with external services such as Orca to set up and rebalance your portfolio, transaction fees apply. Orca outline their fee model here.
Additionally, there are small transaction fees that need to be paid in Solana (SOL) to the network in order to process transactions. These are often fractions of a SOL but can vary depending on network demand.
Instead, the Nova protocol takes a small percentage of returns from yield generation:
Initiation type
Creator Incentive
Nova Treasury
10% of yield rewards
10% of yield rewards
10% of yield rewards
The maximum possible share of yield generated is 20% if you are joining a portfolio. In that scenario, it means that you are able to use Nova at no additional cost and maintain 80% of your yield.
Creators are very important community members within the Nova ecosystem, when they create a portfolio of value to others, 10% is allocated directly to them.
The Nova treasury consists of a Nova Token reserve (currently unused) and the yield cut captured from the protocol activities. When Governance launches, the community within the Nova ecosystem will be able to vote on fund allocation to assist with the growth and expansion of the Nova ecosystem.
Only if you are happy with a portfolio and its returns, Nova can take a small fee to support its creator community and support the growth of the Nova ecosystem.