Nova Finance

Final Preparation!

Before you get stuck in, here are a few more notes that might help you on your journey:
  • Assets within the Solana blockchain operate to the SPL standard. This is different from the ERC20 standard that Ethereum uses.
  • If you want to use tokens on the Solana blockchain such as USDC be careful if you withdraw from an exchange that they are an SPL standard. Most exchanges will specify if a token is ERC20 or SPL. FTX has the most support for SPL tokens on their platform.

  • Whenever you spend and move SOL around from your web3 wallet, make sure to leave at least 0.01SOL at all times if you have other tokens in your wallet. 

  • You need a very small amount of SOL to pay for transaction fees on the blockchain, often around 0.00025SOL but without SOL you risk being unable to pay the transaction fee required to execute approvals or send other token assets.
You’re finally ready to hit that connect button, have fun exploring Nova! 💫