Nova Finance

Setting up your Web3 Wallet

In Decentralized Finance, your gateway to interacting with this world is your web3 wallet. This is a piece of software that can securely store your assets and interact with any decentralized finance protocol. 

 Most web3 wallets are browser extensions for popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox on desktop and laptop computers. 

Some web3 wallets have mobile apps that you can download but support for mobile is in its early days for most protocols and some functions might not work. 

 Make sure to check that the wallet is compatible with your browser but here are some recommended wallets:

Make sure to carefully follow the setup instructions once the extension has downloaded. 
In particular, make sure to write down your recovery phrase as instructed!

 When you execute activities within a decentralized finance application like Nova, such as joining a portfolio that you like, your web3 wallet will pop-up and ask for your permission.

 In the Decentralized Finance world, you are completely in control of your funds and how they are used at every move and you can withdraw at any time.