Nova Finance

What is a Secondary Account?

When you deploy a portfolio, there are many steps that take place as your funds are correctly allocated and strategies and yield are applied. In order to save you time and preventing you to from having to approve each instruction, we utilize a secondary account.
The Secondary Account is set up to automatically take care of the deposit process for you. It's also a safety net in case there is an error while withdrawing your funds from your portfolios. If this happens, your assets will be placed into your Secondary Account, where you can retrieve them manually by clicking on "Withdraw".
You can manage your account by simply clicking on the "Secondary Account" menu.
If you can't see this menu, it means you have not created your account yet. You will be guided through the process the first time you make a deposit.
While the chance of a deposit failure is low, it's valuable to import this Secondary Account into your web3 wallet (more on this in "Importing a Secondary Account").
Some guidelines:
  • Do not share the private key generated
  • Do not place additional funds in this account
  • When an operation has been completed such as a deposit, you are free to withdraw excess funds. However, you may be required to re-deposit SOL if you want to deposit in further portfolios or exit in order to pay for gas fees. We recommend to always leave 0.2 SOL in your secondary account